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Welcome to TeaLogic, your expert for exquisite tea accessories! We attach great importance to quality and offer you a wide range of products that will make your teatime an unforgettable experience.

All products were developed by TeaLogic, Ela B. Design in Bremen and manufactured exclusively for us.

Our products not only impress with their quality, but also with their unique design. From classically elegant teapots to modern teacups with cherry blossom motifs - you are guaranteed to find your new favourite item with us.

TeaLogic - Stainless steel filter

All TeaLogic stainless steel filters are being made from chrome-nickelsteel 18/10 and are thus absolutely rust free. Furthermore stainless steel is aroma safe, which is very important when making tea. Our filters are easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. Our filters are worked sturdy and possess the ideal mesh. Thus they can be used to infuse any tea sort. Our assortment offers the ideal filter for any mug or teapot. Test us!

TeaLogic - Glass

Our TeaLogic glass products come from the province of Kang Seo in China. In this area the glassblowers craft has been practiced for hundreds of years. The special techniques are passed on within the producing families from generation to generation. The TeaLogic glass items are made by experienced glassblowers and are not machine made. Minor variation in shape and some air inclusions can never be completely ruled out in this traditional craft. However, they are charming features and make every piece unique.

TeaLogic - Manufacturing

Get an impression behind the manufacturing process!

Like every kind of porcelain also TeaLogic bone china porcelain consists of various parts of kaolin, feldspar and quartz. By adding real bone ash Bone China originates. Our Bone China distinguishes itself by its almost transparent quality as well as its warm character. Every single piece is created in small, selected factories by men and women with long lasting workmanship. All TeaLogic items are largely being made by hand. All used decals are solely made with pigments of German origin. All TeaLogic articles are being tested by a German food laboratory regularly. All TeaLogic items are dish-washer fit.

1. Mould making

The manufacturing process of every single piece starts with the production of the clay lump. Following a secret recipe all ingredients are being mixed. The thus created porcelain mass is stored up to a year to reach its final consistence. Now the actual manufacturing process starts.

2. Casting

With a little added water the stored clay mass is now very smooth and ready to be processed. The almost liquid slip material is filled into hollow plaster mould.
This plaster mould depicts, for example, the shape of the body of a mug.
Now the porcelain mass is being hydro extracted, this means that a thin coating sediments against the sides of the hollow plaster mould. The plaster of the mould extracts fluid from the clay mass.

3. Opening the mould

After a while the plaster mould is opened and the raw piece of a mug can be taken out. The same steps will be followed to produce the handle, foot and lid.
The raw pieces of the mug, handle and foot must be now cleaned of the seams which resulted from the plaster mould. Now all pieces are combined by hand.

Our bone china and porcelain items are handmade in small manufactories.

4. Handle fitting

Handle and foot are attached to the body of the mug with a clay like material. Before firing the items will be left to dry for a few days.

5. First Firing

The first firing is being made at around 1230 ° C degrees.
After this firing the mug still has a matt surface. After cooling the mug is being glazed meaning the mug is dipped into a basin with glazing.

6. Grinding

The goods are being inspected, imperfections are being ground off withthe help of a sanding bel

7. Glazing

The glazing is applied by hand or with a spray gun.

8. Second Firing

Now the second firing for 1.120 ° C is taking place. In this firing the glazing and the china unite and a smooth and glossy surface is the result.

9. Decoration

After the second firing the mug is fitted by hand with the so called decal.
The third firing now results in a beautiful smooth surface with a bright colorful design.
Knowing all the steps which are necessary to produce a single mug,
one is surely looking at these everyday items with completely different view.

Thank you for choosing TeaLogic – we are sure you will enjoy the items of your choice

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